There's nothing like a little censorship

So apparently Verizon has decided to censor its users' text messages. So much for free speech!!


Less than a week until yarn school!!

Only five more days until we set out for Yarn School!!

Anyone not on Ravelry- There are a bunch of us meeting at the Jose Cuervo bar in the airport for a drink or three before the shuttle picks us up.

I have been trying to hold back since we will be dying and carding fiber there, but I couldn't resist dying a little of my new fiber. This is the Caribbean-inspired colorway that I dyed on Sunday. Fall was approaching a little too fast for my taste and I was in a summery mood so this was just the ticket. Plus, the next day the weather took a turn for the warmer so I am convinced that my dye pot and I had something to do with it.

I also made up these little orifice threaders to trade at Yarn School. I originally bought the wire to make handles for the tin lanterns that used to hang off my balcony. The wire came in a 100' coil and I used about 8' for the lanterns and the rest has been sitting my studio for about four years so it is nice to finally use some of it up.

I have been working on one more top secret project for Yarn School, but that is all I can say on that matter. I will post details and picks when I return from Harveyville.


Car vs. Bike

Philip and I decided five years ago when we moved in together that we would be a one car family. This was really easy to do in Norfolk since we worked together and lived within walking distance of almost everything we needed. When we decided to move to Lexington, the single car thing became a little more difficult. We weren't sure where we would be working so we looked for a place downtown so if necessary, we have quick and easy access to public transit. I ended up keeping my job and working remotely from home which made thing pretty easy for the first few months, but when the shop opened my need for transportation resurface. For the first year of the shop's existence I walked back and forth to the shop and many days Philip would pick me up in the evenings (which used as much gas as if I was driving.)

I recently started riding my bike again (after finally replacing my tires) and it has been an incredable experience. I love riding my bike to the shop; I get there faster and I feel more energetic throughout the day since I got my heart rate up early in the morning. I try to go on a bike ride every morning, even if I don't have any errands to run, it just makes my day feel more pleasant. No Impact Man was on Good Morning America today talking about the advantages of bike riding so for today's green living tip I am going to refer you to his post all about biking for transportation.



Coffea Island is offering 50% off your drinks on Tuesdays if you come in with a Fu Manchu mustache. Since I never turn down a chance for cheap crack coffee, I decided to knit up a mustache with some scrap yarn.

Fu Manchu Mustache

2 US 5 dpns
Scrap worsted weight yarn
small crochet hook
tapestry needle
adhesive of your choice

Pattern Notes:
This pattern is worked in two pieces as an i-cord from beginning to end. At the end of the wider part you will pick up the bars in the back of the i-cord as pictured here.

Pattern (make 2):
CO 8 sts
Rnds 1-9: Knit
Pick up I-cord ladder and place stitch at beginning of needle.
Rnd 10: K6, (k2tog) 3 times
Rnd 11: K2, (k2tog) 2 times
Rnds 12-26: knit
Rnd 27: k2tog twice
Rnd 28: Knit
Cut tail and pull tight through 2 remaining stitches. Weave in ends and attach to your face with the adhesive of your choice. For more shapability, place a pipe cleaner inside the tube before weaving in the ends.


New Knitty

Okay, most of you probably already know that the new Knitty is up, but I am going to do an announcement and a review anyway.

Cinderella Socks- Honestly, I don't think these socks are that great looking, but they are knit flat with no seems and I am a sucker for new ways to knit things so I am going to make at least one to try out the method.

Roam- I love this and would totally wear it, I just need to figure out what to make it out of.

Totally Autumn- I don't know if it is the pattern, the colors, or both that attract me to this throw, but I love it and I want one.

Woodins- Big surprise, huh? These little guys are so freakin' cute, I would love to make them for my niece or nephew (yes, Tracy that is a hint.)

Buyer's remorse

I just purchased a slightly embarrassing amount of vegan fiber to hand dye and spin up. Is there any interest in vegan spinning kits with hand dyed fiber, a drop spindle and instructions? Alternately, is there any interest in vegan needle felting kits? If so, when I get the fiber I will make up some kits and stick them on the store's etsy site.


40 before 40, part 3

As I near the end of my list it is becoming more difficult to find things that I want to do. In all fairness, I accomplished quite a few things in my 20's that I can't include in this list.

31. See the Death Race 2000 car
32. Bowl a turkey (3 strikes in a row)
33. Meet John Waters
34. Knit a wedding ring shawl (a 6ft lace shawl so fine it can be passed through a ring)
35. Knit a sweater that I designed
36. Learn cake decorating
37. Learn to make lampwork beads (if you offered to let me use your torch, please email me)
38. Watch 1000 movies (specifically these)
39. Reduce my coffee and takeout waste to zero
40. Take at least 4 Americana vacations

See part 1 and part 2 for the rest of my list.


Poi + Hooping=

A different kind of spinning

Last night I attended my first poi spinning class at Mecca taught by the fabulous Sonya, a fellow knitter. For a little over a year I've wanted to learn to learn poi spinning. The wonderful Desirée sent me a dvd to help me learn, but I tend to be better at starting things in a class setting. The only problem is that the poi spinning class at Mecca that I wanted to take was only offered on Saturdays when I work in the store. This week the class moved to Monday nights which fits perfectly in my schedule.

For learning purposes, we all used practice poi which were nylon stockings with tennis balls and finger holes. The basic moves were a little confusing at first, but once I started to get the rhythm they became easier. So far I learned the three beat weave, the butterfly, and I am working on the windmill. The class contains all levels of spinners so everyone works at their own pace and Sonya teaches you new moves as you become comfortable. The best part of the class is that we are also going to work a little with hula hoops so all of those hula hoops in my basement are finally going to get some use.

What: Poi Spinning
When: Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm
Where: Mecca, 451B Chair Ave
Price: $10/class, $45 for 5 classes, $75 for 10 classes


The great knitting checklist

I stole this list from Ellie's blog. It looks like there are quite a few things I have yet to try.

Black = Have done
Blue = Would like to do
Red = No thank you

  • Afghan
  • I-cord
  • Garter stitch
  • Knitting with metal wire
  • Shawl
  • Stockinette stitch
  • Socks: top-down
  • Socks: toe-up
  • Knitting with camel yarn
  • Mittens: Cuff-up
  • Mittens: Tip-down
  • Hat
  • Knitting with silk
  • Moebius band knitting
  • Participating in a KAL
  • Sweater
  • Drop stitch patterns
  • Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn
  • Slip stitch patterns
  • Knitting with banana fiber yarn
  • Domino knitting
  • Twisted stitch patterns
  • Knitting with bamboo yarn
  • Two end knitting
  • Charity knitting
  • Knitting with soy yarn
  • Cardigan
  • Toy/doll clothing
  • Knitting with circular needles
  • Baby items
  • Knitting with your own handspun
  • Slippers
  • Graffiti knitting
  • Continental knitting
  • Designing knitted garments
  • Cable stitch patterns
  • Lace patterns
  • Publishing a knitting book (Sarah and I have a vision)
  • Scarf
  • Teaching a child to knit
  • American/English knitting
  • Knitting to make money
  • Buttonholes
  • Knitting with alpaca
  • Fair Isle knitting
  • Norwegian knitting
  • Dying with plant colors (Zabet, we need to do this!!)
  • Knitting items for a wedding
  • Household items
  • Knitting socks (or other small tubular items) on two circulars (I've done 1 circular for 2 socks)
  • Olympic knitting
  • Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
  • Knitting with dpns
  • Holiday-related knitting
  • Teaching a male how to knit
  • Bobbles
  • Knitting for a living
  • Knitting with cotton
  • Knitting smocking (at least I think so)
  • Dying yarn
  • Steeks
  • Knitting art
  • Fulling/felting
  • Knitting with wool
  • Textured knitting
  • Kitchener BO
  • Purses/bags
  • Knitting with beads
  • Swatching
  • Long Tail CO
  • Entrelac
  • Knitting and purling backwards
  • Machine knitting
  • Knitting with self patterning/self striping/variegating yarn
  • Stuffed toys
  • Knitting with cashmere
  • Darning
  • Jewelry
  • Knitting with synthetic yarn
  • Writing a pattern
  • Gloves
  • Intarsia
  • Knitting with linen
  • Knitting for preemies
  • Tubular CO
  • Freeform knitting
  • Short rows
  • Cuffs/fingerless mitts/armwarmers
  • Pillows
  • Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine
  • Rug (doing one now)
  • Knitting on a loom (these are horrible)
  • Thrummed knitting
  • Knitting a gift
  • Knitting for pets
  • Shrug/bolero/poncho
  • Knitting with dog/cat hair
  • Hair accessories
  • Knitting in public


DPN Project Holder Tutorial

I love knitting accessories; no matter how many I have there is always something new to try out. Unfortunately, there are a few knitting accessories that don't get the attention they should and the double pointed project holders are one of these. Double pointed project holders are point protectors that hold your project safely on the needles while keeping your needles from punching through your bag. I have seen a few versions of these, but they were either not vegan or really ugly. After searching for something better with little luck I decided to make my own version. I found some cute pencil toppers for the smaller sock needles and some finger puppets for my larger needles. These are really easy to make and cost about $1 so you can make a pair for every set of dpns you own. If you make a set, send me a link to the picture and I will add it to this post. Enjoy!

Materials and Tools:
2 pencil toppers or finger puppets
1 ft heavy elastic cord cut in half
1 small pointy needle
1 large tapestry needle
1 pair of pliers (optional)

1. Using the smaller needle, make one hole in each side of both of the toppers or puppets.

2. Thread the elastic cording through the large tapestry needle and pull it through the hole on one side of the topper. You might find it easier to pull the needle through with the pliers. Repeat on the other side of the topper with the other piece of elastic cording.

3. Knot the cord on the inside of the topper as shown and trim the ends.

4. Repeat steps 1-2 using the unknotted end of the elastic cord.

5. To determine the length of your cord, place one of your dpns in the toppers and pull the elastic cord until it is tight enough to hold your needles in place yet loose enough to get them in and out of the protectors with ease. Make a little mark on the cording on each side.

6. Place your knots in the cording on the marks. Since you are dealing with elastic, this doesn't have to be perfect.

7. Trim your ends and for added security you can use a lighter to melt your knots.

8. Grab your needles and try them out!!

Anne's version (and these)


Yarn School

Three weeks until I fly to Kansas for yarn school!!!!