My excursion to Virginia Beach

Tonight I attended the Virginia Beach SnB at Borders on Laskin Rd. It was their one year anniversary so we all knitted blanket squares for Warm Up America. I really like the girls in the Virginia Beach group, they all seem super-friendly and they are really into knitting which is a nice change. After I finished my square I worked on the Bzzz! hat from SnB Nation. I am using Lion Brand Micro Spun in mango, which I absolutely love, but it is a lighter weight yarn than the pattern calls for so I am using smaller needles and I increased the number of stitches accordingly. When the hat is finished I plan to wear it everywhere.

How I changed the Bzzz! pattern
Original Gauge: 4" =20 stitches
My Guage: 4"= 23 stitches
Original Cast On: 100 stitches
My Cast On: 115 stitches (if it begins with a ribbing you might need to add 1-2 stitches)

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