This pink is so hot!!!

closed needle case

Yesterday I planned on finishing the strawberry needle case that I started a few weeks ago for my friend Sarah's birthday so I went to the fabric store to get the last little piece of fabric I needed. My original plan was to do a flamigo case with embroidery, but I couldn't find the fabric I wanted anywhere so I went with a Strawberry Shortcake theme instead. When I went to the store yesterday, not only did they have the fabric I was originally searching for, but they also had some great complimetary fabrics so I started a new neeedle case and I'll either give the other one to someone else or I'll auction it off. I also started a knitting bag for a SNIP raffle later this month.

open needle case


Anonymous said...

Very nice, if only I knitted... I wonder if I could use it for something else?

Anonymous said...

chopstick collection?

Paintbrushes (with somewhat shorter pockets)?

pen collection (with much shorter pockets)?

Valerie said...

I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE that. Any chance I could buy one from you??? In that exact pattern? lol ;)