I want to be the master of something

It's been a few days, somehow I managed to get sick which rendered me useless for two days. I am all better now so time to do some catching up. Last week I bought a woman's entire yarn stash off of ebay. It came to me in a big box yesterday and I already have plans for most of the yarn. The yarn came pretty tangled, all the more reason for me to buy the yarn baller this weekend from AC Moore.

yarn stash On Sunday I broke my first Brittney needle; it was a sad sad day. I was working on the back of the accidentally on purpose sweater and snap, my needle was in two pieces. I called Brittney for a replacement needle which will be here in 2 weeks, but to hold me over I put wood glue in the break and taped over the seem for stability.

In other news, this weekend I am going to enroll in TKGA's master knitter program. I have been thinking about this for awhile and everyone I talk to say they learned a ton doing the program, of course none of these people completed it. The materials should arrive by the middle of May and I'll post my progress and frustrations just in case anyone else is interested in doing the program.

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