Silly creatures and the art of knitting

So our weekend in Richmond was awsome! We spent most of Saturday shopping and bought many, many things. I am just going to include the highlights for the sake of time and space.
knit knit 5We visited the Yarn Lounge, Richmond's newest yarn store and I stuck to my pledge not to buy yarn until September 1, though I still managed to spend $78 there. I bought knit knit 5, my favorite knitting magazine. Knit knit 5 features articles on Chie Fukao, Sheila Pepe, a knitted tie sock animals pattern, and knitted food by Claire Crespo. Also, I discoved that you can read some of the articles from issues 1 & 2 on the knit knit site.
The Yarn Lounge also had a book called Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy. Philip found this book and as soon as we got home we started making sock creatures, we even stopped for supplies on the way so nothing could slow us down. We ended up making 4 sock animals- from left to right: Special Eddie, Myrtle, Cucumber Clyde, and Binky. I made Myrtle and Binky and Philip made Special Eddie and Cucumber Clyde. Since Special Eddie was Philip's first sewing project ever, he is a little deformed around the leg area. By the time Philip got to Cucumber Clyde he had pretty much mastered hand sewing, now he can mend his own clothes. I have plenty more to write about, but it will have to wait until I have more time.


Anonymous said...

Is the knitted tie pattern for Philip or you or someone else? I just made a father's day tie (for my father, of course), and then I was planning to make one for my boyfriend, Aaron, but then I saw a picture of Miranda July on the cover of a magazine wearing a knit tie and vest made out of the same yarn (a bright lemony color), and it looked beautiful! Neither really looked handknit but they could be!

Glad you had a fun vacation!

Anonymous said...

thank you again for my birthday presents! i just love all of them!
the animals you and philip made are so cute! it sounds like the trip to richmond was just magical!!