More bedazzling goodness

sparklies Today I volunteered to help out with my pseudo aunt's belly dancing workshop. My responsibility was to get people registered and sell tickets. Basically, I sat at a table all day knitting with an occasional interruption. I took breaks during the workshops to take little walks since no one really needed my services. On one of my walks I decided to check out the vending area, just in case. It consisted of millions (I didn't count, but I am willing to bet cash) of sequins, beads, gold coins and rhinestones on enough brightly colored satin to clothe a small village. As I was admiring the sparkles I realized that this would be the perfect home for my bedazzler. It was a world where the bedazzler is not only understood, but revered. In my world the bedazzler will never be more than the butt of a joke. It made me sad for a moment, but then I realized that the bedazzler is an inanimate object that doesn't feel and at least in my world it isn't a threat to society. I think that makes me a hero for buying it before it fell into the wrong hands.

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