My new orange shoes

Philip left town with our digital camera so for the next week so the only pictures in my posts will be Web images or pictures from my archives. On the way to take Philip to the airport I noticed a spinning wheel in the window of an antique store on one of the side streets (I have a radar for this kind of thing.) For the rest of the drop off I was looking forward to the trip home when I would stop by the antique store and check out the wheel. Somehow I got the idea in my head that this wheel was going to be priced around $100 since it was old and weathered (seriously, it looked like it spent more than a few nights outside.) Long story short, the wheel was marked at $250 and like most antique tools it is going to be bought by someone for decoration purposes only. orange chucksThis made me a little sad as I walked back to my car, but then I saw the Army Navy Surplus Store's hanging display of Chuck Tailor's and suddenly my mood was lifted. They had at least 40 styles and colors and they were all $29.99. I spent 10 minutes trying to decide on just the right color and I finally went with the orange. The store was filled ceiling to floor with army paraphernalia and a bunch of seemingly random items such as the pirate sticker I grabbed just before checking out. I am definitely going to take a trip back when I have more time to thoroughly search their collection.

Tonight I went to Red Dog for dinner with Jen and Meg and then went to see Rich's new band play at Granby North which is a cozy little bar, perfect for jazz performances. There was absolutely no knitting accomplished today, but who cares about knitting when you have lovely orange shoes to admire.


Michelle said...

Orange is my favorite color and those are lovely.

Anonymous said...

the orange hall was my favorite in hi skool.