Such a busy day

I made some hand warmers with the yarn I got from Hazel and I've been meaning to post them for a few weeks so here they are. They knitted up really fast, I can't wait until I get to wear them.
I am working on the triangular shawl from the Lion Brand site, but I am going to take Stacy's advice and modify the edging. It should be finished by the end of the weekend so I'll post pictures then.

In other news, Philip signed the papers on our new apartment today!
ransom 024
We have the entire first floor, basement, front and back yard and half of the garage. The basement is dark and creepy, but it has a giant sink perfect for dying yarn so I will be very busy once we get settled in. Philip will be here in a couple of weeks to get all of our stuff and I will be following him shortly. This is all very exciting.

This week's Vegan Cooking Challenge: The $5 meal. You can make anything you want, but your cost for the meal must be $5 or less. You can use ingredients you have on hand, but the cost of all major ingredients must be factored in. Veggies from your garden count as free as do herbs. Go wild and make sure to post you final creation by Sunday night.


Michelle said...

ok, you're on!

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Anonymous said...

YEAHHHH They are lovely!!! I am so proud of my yarn!! Thanks Robyn!!