It's that time of year again

437229bc00547I went to the grocery store tonight and bought my first carton of Silk Nog of the season. This sweet and creamy drink might just be my favorite thing about the holiday season. Every year I come up with a new way to use Silk Nog so I will share my recipe for this year inspired by the cider chai I tried earlier today.

Silk Nog Chai
1 Stash chai tea bag (black)
4 oz. super hot water
3 oz. warm Silk Nog

Take the tea bag and seep it in the water for about 3 minutes, you want it pretty strong. Add the hot silk nog and enjoy. For an extra frothy drink try steaming the silk nog.


vania said...

i too love this soy nog. Plus, especially during the holidays, I don't feel as weird when i can find alternatives that everyone else (ie. non-vegans) are enjoying.

jen said...

i love nog too! i like to nuke a mug of it for a healthy, easy, & festive alternative to hot chocolate.