I have a confession to make

I really haven't done much knitting since I moved Lexington and it might be awhile before this blog goes back to hardcore knitting content. I apologies to all of my knitting friends, but I am going through a DIY decorating phase and it is important for me to follow my impulses.

For the last two weeks Philip and I have taken on 1-2 decorating projects per day. It is crazy, but it seems like the more work we do on the apartment, the more things we want to do. Friday, Philip and I ran to a thrift store during my lunch break looking for some furniture that we can revamp for the bedroom. Instead of furniture we ended up finding a mod chandelier for the dining room. It will replace a brass chandelier currently hanging in the room. I have never replaced a light fixture, but if those idiots on trading spaces can do it, I can. Of course, with a new light fixture in that room we now want to add a few more mod touches to really pull the room together. It's neverending.

As far as the tiki/livingroom goes, we moved 14 of the tiki mugs and the 2 bamboo plants to the small windows. We also matted and framed a picture of Philip's grandmother as a hula girl in the 1940's which went above the fireplace. We really love this picture and the story that goes with it.

I have also been doing a little ebaying to fill in the thrift store gaps. Last week I won two auctions, one for curtains and one for a ceramic lamp. We are buying almost everything for our apartment used and revamping a lot of our stuff to make it work with the overall look of things. It's all a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

Below are the pictures of everything, enjoy!

Here is our old dining room chandelier.

dining room before

Here is our new dining room chandelier.

new dining room light

Here is the hula girl print above the mantel with the coconut monkeys.

hula hula

Here are the orb candle holders that are hanging in the dining room window.


And finally, here is the lamp I got off of ebay. The base has a light so you can either turn on the lamp, the base, or both.

new lamp


Anonymous said...

Your place looks AMAZING! I love it!

Michelle said...

All this stuff looks so great. There was a time during my summer vacation and then a little after where I didn't feel like knitting much. But as you said, you follow your impulses and do what pleases you. More on the diy!

vania said...

i think you're totally allowed to take a break from knitting, especially with all the cool work you've been doing. That lamp is totally awesome and i love those monkeys!

my house is cuter than yours said...

looking fabulous!