My Little Cabbage?

It looks like my top secret knitting project is going to take a little longer to finish than I first thought. I knitted the first 6 rows in just over two hours last night with no mistakes or frogging. Luckily, I am done with the seem which was by far the most time consuming row. It is all downhill from here, at least until I reach the middle or the other seam. Since I can't come out and say what I am knitting I thought I would drop a little hint for the knitters out there, my secret project translates to "my little thing" and was featured in a popular knitting zine almost two years ago.

Today I am going to pig out on some mighty fine Ethiopian cuisine and rest up for a long night of dancing. I am not planning on knitting much, but since I never know where I will have little breaks I am carrying my project with me. Tomorrow, Christy and I are having an all day knitathon (okay it is actually a movie marathon and I will be the only one knitting, but it will be the biggest block of knitting time I will have on this trip so I took some liberties.) I should finish a nice chunk of my little thing during the 12 hours of movies we have planned. I might post pictures on Monday if they aren't too revealing, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Top Five Movies To Watch At Christy's House:

1. Female Trouble (everyone needs to see Edith Massey topless.)
2. Death Race 2000 (everyone needs to see David Carradine topless)
3. Hairspray
4. Over The Edge (teen angst 70's style)
5. Inferno (the slight sequel to Suspiria)

Michelle said...

Oh gosh, I never even thought to talk to you about Dario Argento! I haven't seen any of those movies in awhile (I saw a whole bunch during the period of '98-00. I loved both Inferno and Suspiria, but I also really liked Tenebrae, Terror at the Opera, Deep Red, and Phenomenon -- what guilty pleasures, those movies!) Hope the ethiopian food and movie/knitting marathon was fun!

Robyn Wade said...

I didn't really get to pick any of the movies, Christy grabbed them the day before, so no Dario. The final line-up which took us 11.5 hours to get through (food and dring breaks) was...

1. Death Race 2000
2. Pink Flamingos
3. Grey Gardens
4. Female Trouble
5. Desparate Living

jae said...

robyn! i've tagged you, (check my blog for deets) but if you don't want it, i can take the rejection.

Michelle said...

Oh, I've always wanted to see Grey Gardens. Any good?

Robyn Wade said...

Grey Gardens is absolutley fabulous. It gets a little slow in the middle, but if you hang in there it is totally worth it. Also, the dvd has bonus interviews including one with Todd Oldham about how this film inspired him.