Yesterday was absolutely fabulous. I had to work which was not so fabulous, but after work Philip made me dinner. We had linguine with a tomato pesto sauce, garlic bread, and blackberry cobbler for dessert. There is so much food leftover that we will be eating parts of this meal for the next few days. We ate by candlelight in our clean dining room (the dining room has been used as a junk room for the last two months.) We spent hours last weekend working on the lighting for the kitchen, living room and dining room which made everything nice and cozy. For the first time since we moved, I feel like our apartment is really coming together.


I also started a new project from TBTK, a knitted bicycle seat cover. It is bright orange and with the exception of a little trouble in the beginning, it is a really easy and interesting pattern. I should finish it today so I will post pictures tomorrow.


my house is cuter than yours said...

Doesn't a clean room just feel great?! And I'll take some of that leftover cobbler! ha ha!

Michelle said...

That sounds like a very nice celebration. And so nice to see you again (I realized I hadn't gotten a good look at you in a while -- que bella!)

Mia said...

a knitted bicycle seat cover? wow! i love it. where did you find it?