24 hours of crafty goodness

In honor of National Craft month I am initiating a 24 hour craft challenge loosely based on this. I am going to try to craft for 24 hours straight just to see how far I can go. I will mainly be working on things from my National Craft Month list, but will probably throw in a few more projects for good measure. I know this sounds completely insane, but if it is too horrible I might have to break my 24 hour challenge into two 12 hour challenges. Either way I will accomplish great things. The date for my challenge will be Sunday, March 12 2006!


Michelle said...

woh that sounds fun and crazy. I'm into that.

Anonymous said...

good luck and good crafting! will there still be time for a coffee break? love, sally

Robyn Wade said...

I would never miss Saturday morning coffee, it's how I know the weekend is here!