Getting comfy

My 24 hours of craftiness did not exactly go as planned. I was going to use my postponed vacation this week, but the weather caused me to cancel again which made this a normal weekend, I made a lot of progress on Philip's socks. I finished the first sock with two yards of yarn to spare, I hope I am as lucky with the second sock.
philip socks
I finished the curtains for the dining room which I will post as soon as I find the curtain rod to hang them and a new pair of pajama bottoms.
pjs I found this cute bumblebee fabric for $1/yard a little while ago and when my favorite pajamas decided to retire I knew it was time to pull it out and make some new pajama bottoms. I didn't use a pattern, but they are loosely based on my old pair with wider leg bottom and a few other changes. Somewhere I read that pj bottoms are more comfortable without outside seems so I decide to try making them in two pieces instead of four. In the end, I don't notice a difference in the comfort level, but when I was cutting the pieces I noticed it was harder to conserve fabric and I probably ended up using an extra half yard of fabric with this method.

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Michelle said...

I love those socks! Is that one of those fancy self striping deals or are you striping it all yourself? What yarn are you using? They look incredible!

Thanks re: my socks. I really like the fixation, but I've never worn knit socks before, ever, so I don't know how I'll feel. I've been meaning to post to ask this, but while I'm here, what yarns have you enjoyed using for socks? I was thinking of making a list in my sidebar for me (and other people) to go back to when choosing sock yarn. All I know about is the fixation.

Cool pajamas!