National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month as pointed out earlier this week by vania. To celebrate I am going to set crafting goals for the month of March.

cafe curtains for the dining room
roman shades for the kitchen door
valance for the kitchen window
bag for my yoga mat
skirt for spring

Yoga socks for the gym
Cotton popcorn headband for the warmer weather

strap for yoga bag


Michelle said...

good idea. i've been setting goals (crafty, food, and other) -- nice to write them down and put them out there. i'm also really looking forward to seeing all this crafty stuff cause those are excellent projects!

Anonymous said...

you are so filled with energy...it just plumb amazes me! all your craft goals sound like wonderful things! love, sally

vania said...

great list! i can't wait to see the finished pieces!