Sock it to me

I finished Philip's socks a few days ago, but I wanted to photograph them on his feet instead of posting another pair of socks laying on the floor. These are just basic stockinette stitch socks with a short-rowed heel and a banded toe, these are my favorite methods.


yoga socksWhile I am on the subject of socks, here is my finished yoga sock design for the next issue of Take Back the Knit. The purpose of the sock is to provide a little warmth while the open heel and toes allows your foot to grip the mat. I made both socks with one ball of stash yarn so it felt like a free project.

I started knitting the hand grenade from Knitorama to mix things up a little before I start the vintage-style knee socks that will be my next project. I have to muster up the courage to try the two socks on one circ method again because these will be the magic socks.


busy hands said...

those yoga socks are really intriguing...as a yoga fan (and former dancer) I could definitely see myself ysing those!!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, I totally want to make those yoga socks! I can't wait for the issue to come out!!! What yarn from your stash for the socks (for my list -- and write me to add more!). I love the colors on Philip's socks!

Robyn Wade said...

I used some dreambaby from my stash. About a year ago it went onsale at my LYS and I bought a bunch to make some rainbow kneesocks that I never made.

knitty_kat said...

I love the yoga socks too! It's a great idea! I'd LOVE to make a pair too - maybe you should post the pattern here?

Anonymous said...

You know when I thought those had to be Phillips legs, really cute socks & I love the yoga socks.