See Robyn Sew

A few small problems with my new sewing machine slowed me down a bit, but after a little help from the wonderful people at the sewing center everything is fixed and working smoothly. To celebrate, I came straight home from the sewing center and whipped together these.

This is the valence that I made to go over our kitchen window. I was planning on making a straight valence, but Philip preferred the puffy style so that is what I did.

These are the curtains for the window in the back door. I was originally planning on creating a roman shade, but after looking at our options, Philip and I decided these cute little curtains were exactly what we need. I created two straps with buttonholes to easily pull back the panels and let in some light.

Also, I finally hung the cafe curtains in the dining room.

All of the curtains were made from old curtains. The red ones were in the bottom of a box of fabric that was given to us and I found the printed curtains at a thrift store for $1. I have a ton of the printed fabric left so you will probably see it again.


bitterknitter said...

The curtains look great! It might be the motivation I need to start thinking about how I want to redo mine. I love the red ones!

vania said...

i also love the curtains! the one in the kitchen looks especially lovely with the window knick knacks it goes with.

Robyn Wade said...

Curtains are super easy to make, especially if you modify old curtains. The red curtains came in two large panels and they were lined which saved me a ton of time. I simply cut the panels into the pieces I wanted and hemmed them. All of the fabric and hardware for these three windows came to under $10 so it was a very economical venture.

Michelle said...

ooh la la!

Anonymous said...

the curtains all look lovely!! the red ones turned out great!! love, sally