Finally, a finished object

I've been so busy preparing for the summer festivals and the store, I have had very little time for crafting. I am falling behind in about everything so I am on a massive reorganization mission. Philip is planning a yard sale for next weekend so we can get rid of all of our extra crap. We went through our cds, records, and movies which resulted in a huge pile of stuff.

manos headbandI finished my manos cotton popcorn headband over a week ago, but I forgot to post it. It has been warm here so I am not sure that I will get to wear it this year, but if a cool day does come by I will be ready. I am still working on the Moda Dea socks, I have been too busy to do much knitting so they are coming along very slowly.

Last weekend I went thrift store shopping with Sarabeth and we stumbled upon an antique mall that appears to be the Mecca for vintage aprons and linens. It seemed like every booth had a collection of aprons, all reasonably priced. I left with two, but I think I am going to make another trip out to get one I left behind.

The apron on the left is pink gingham (oh how I love that gingham) with crewel roses and the apron on the right is a rust flower pattern with the best pockets ever. My total for the two aprons came to $11.

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robiewankenobie said...

when-o-when-o-when are WE going back? i've got the apron feeever. we should take the ne with us!

p.s. i'm guessing that the yard sale and the skating are off due to plague? i hope you feel better soon!