Spring has sprung

It is now officially Spring here. We have had a lot of rain and a lot of sunshine over the past few weeks so now we have lots of flowers. Since I mover here in the late Fall, I had no idea what to expect in my yard. I am happy to say that there are some lovely treasures coming in. Below are the pictures I took before my camera battery died, I will upload some better shot a little later.

spring 1
I think this is a tulip, it is the only flower of it's kind in our yard.

spring 3
This is one of the blooms from the tree that shades the first flower. The entire tree is covered in these little flowers.

spring 2
Next we have the little garden of tulips in the very back of our yard. These are the only flowers that look intentional. There are actually several other tulips scattered around the front and back yard in really odd places (like behind the trash bins.) I think the original gardener was a little unfocused.

spring 4
Technically, I think these little purple flowers covering the floor of our backyard are weeds, but who am I to judge. We really need to mow our lawn and I just can't face the idea of cutting down all of these pretty little flowers.

spring 6
More weeds, these little guys cover the floor of our front yard as well as the yards of most of our neighbors. They popped up almost a month ago, way before any other flowers.

spring 5
Last, but certainly not least, is the flowering pink tree in our front yard. Our old neighborhood was full of pink and white crape myrtle trees that would bloom every Spring and Summer. It was a spectacular site. Last week I was walking around my neighborhood admiring all of the spring foliage and I suddenly started missing those crape myrtle trees. Then, on Tuesday I opened up the livingroom shades and I saw this amazing blooming pink tree in my front yard. I am not sure it is a crape myrtle, but it gives the same effect.


ShelbyD said...

What lovely flowers!

Michelle said...


vania said...

glad to see you're feeling better. those flowers are stunning! I love the pink tree in your yard!

robiewankenobie said...

great to see you the other night. sorry that we hit the "we've been here too long and have nothing left to say but don't want to get up because the weather is too nice" point. i hate it when that happens.

also? awesome hair cuts. how cute were you guys? i've got to go get clipped myownsef.

pirata segreto said...

Hi Robin,
The pink tree, I think, is called a red bud tree. It's sort of our version of a crape myrtle.

pirata segreto said...

Spelled your name wrong. Bah.