Yarn and the Harlot

Yesterday afternoon I got to go and see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot, speak at the Bluegrass Festival of Books. There were knitters who traveled from Ohio and West Virginia to see her speak so I felt quite fortunate to have her within a mile of my doorstep. The talk was fabulous and afterward we knitted with Stephanie in the coffee shop downstairs. It was really fun.

I also found out that Mayfest is not next weekend like I recorded in my planner months ago. It ends up that Mayfest is in two weeks so I have a whole extra week to prepare. I am so relieved since I was really pushing getting everything done and I was planning to forego sleep to meet the deadline. Now with a whole extra week I am calm and way ahead of schedule.

Now for something fun. I saw this yarn on the Pluckyfluff site and I am completely in love with it. I have blogged about how much I enjoy her work before, but this yarn is a whole new level of fabulousness. If anyone wants to buy it for me off of ebay for me, please feel free.


Zabet said...

Holy shiz, you were not kidding. That is the. most. awesome. yarn. ever.



Zabet said...

PS - Harlot pics?