A little update

Sorry about the lack of posting lately, things have been crazy.

I have been doing a little knitting here and there between activities. First, I made this headband with some extra yarn. The stitch pattern is from knit and tonic's dream swatch head wrap. Since I only had a little bit of yarn I decided to make my version 12 stitches wide and make it a band by grafting the ends together. The stitch pattern was super easy and the headband took me about an hour to finish.

I also started these simple armwarmers for Philip while sitting at Mayfest. They are simple stockinette stitch tubes with a thumb gusset. I needed something really simple so that I could watch the booth and not mess up. It looks too big on my arm, but it fits Philip's hand perfectly. The first one is finished and I should complete the second one during the Peace Fair this weekend.

Finally, I turned the heal on the Moda Dea socks that I started a million years ago. They fell on the back burner and never found their way back into my hands. I am hoping to finish them within the next few weeks.

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Michelle said...

nice -- both of them!