Practical knitting

One of my co-workers is having a baby and I have been looking for just the right gift to knit her. I have been checking Web sites and the knitting section at the library, but still nothing. Then the other day I stopped by Not Scarlett's blog and I saw the cute baby kimonos she made from Mason Dixon Knitting. I have been thinking about getting this book for awhile and after seeing these kimonos I decided that I need it. I bought the book on Tuesday and I love it. Most of the patterns use kitchen cotton, mercerized cotton, or flax all of which I love working with.

Yesterday I made the ball band dishcloth with some scrap yarn and I liked the stitch pattern so much that after seeing this I decided to make a Swiffer cover too. It is in the flat stage since I still have to add the buttons. I will post the finished project tomorrow.


Michelle said...

wow -- swiffer cover! i would have never thought! i don't have a swiffer but i'm always intrigued by them. that's a lot to accomplish in just a couple days!

robiewankenobie said...

awesome! i stopped using the swiffer thing. seemed like a waste, ya know? all those cloths that can't be reused? this is fabulous!

Robyn Wade said...

This project is really only good if you have the swiffer parts laying around, otherwise I recommend a dust mop with a removable and washable head.

Anonymous said...

The swiffer cover is genius. What a great idea!

Glad you liked the kimonos!