Better or worse?

Friday, Sarah and I started work on the store. The original plan was to start with the classroom so that we would have a finished space to use as an office and to store the merchandise until the shelves and the retail space is done. Unfortunately, the classroom was still full of boxes when we arrived in the morning so we decided to work on the retail space instead. We pulled hundreds of nails and screws out of the wall, removed over 50 old stickers from the windows, pulled down all of the broken slat wall and painted the front room of the space. My dad came over to help us and he ended up pulling up the carpet in the front room and cutting it into neat little 4ft rolls so we can put it out with the garbage, cutting pieces of slat wall to replace broken pieces, and patching all of the holes that we made by pulling things out of the wall. We got way more work done than we thought possible. Here are some pictures of what we have done so far.

The front room is pink with white windows and trim. We still have to get a new baseboard for the area where the window display was.
The front door is painted green with a temporary sign to let people know we are coming.
The front rooms needed a lot of patching.
We started painting the trim in the main area the same pink that we used in the front room. The walls will be painted the same green as the front door.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! The place is coming together so quickly, and it is looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

We'll be in Nashville by the 24th!
If you still have work to do...
let me know! My internship doesn't start until september, so I won't have much to do until then. I can't wait to see the store!


Robyn Wade said...

There's not much of an incense smell left, just lots of dirt and dust.

Nieves- We will definately still be working at the end of the month so you should come up!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing... I cant wait to see it completed... and Zab can verify, I probably wont be helping put it together as I work too much!

jen said...

congratulations!! what is the name of the store? i can't quite see it in the picture...