40 before 40, part 3

As I near the end of my list it is becoming more difficult to find things that I want to do. In all fairness, I accomplished quite a few things in my 20's that I can't include in this list.

31. See the Death Race 2000 car
32. Bowl a turkey (3 strikes in a row)
33. Meet John Waters
34. Knit a wedding ring shawl (a 6ft lace shawl so fine it can be passed through a ring)
35. Knit a sweater that I designed
36. Learn cake decorating
37. Learn to make lampwork beads (if you offered to let me use your torch, please email me)
38. Watch 1000 movies (specifically these)
39. Reduce my coffee and takeout waste to zero
40. Take at least 4 Americana vacations

See part 1 and part 2 for the rest of my list.

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Mistrmi said...

Keep at it --- look how much you've already done!