New Blogger?

I am thinking about switching my blog over to the newer version, but I am a little scared. The new version looks like more of what I want, but once you switch there is no going back so I want to make sure it isn't going to cause any problems. Has anyone tried the new version? What do you think? Did you encounter any problems?


Anonymous said...

I'm on the new version and it seems okay so far. What I don't like is I have to sign in with my whole email address (google accts are email addresses) and that takes longer. The dashboard looks much different and I'm getting used to that, but the categories for archives are cool. Also there are tags available so one can organize posts by keywords. I haven't started using any of the changes on my blog, but the veganyarn blog has the new archive option activated.

Anonymous said...

I like the new version; it's easy to use and the dashboard and post sections are great - new features make it all easier. I also love the tags/links addition. I like the update, but i already had a gmail account. I agree, it's a bit frustrating at first to sign on to leave comments, etc. But overall, it really is a worthwhile update.
For me anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,

I switched to the beta version early on, and I've not had any problems. I already had a gmail account.

I hope the switch goes well.


Anonymous said...

The only problem I have is that blogger refuses to remember me so I have to log in every time.

Unknown said...

Hey Robyn, I like it. The dashboard makes it easier to nvigate around and all in all its ok. I dont like having to sign in all the time. BUTI think its a bug!