Week in review

Every year I take a week of vacation over New Year's week as a way to reorganize my life and recover from the holiday chaos. This year was a little different since I have the store and can't actually abandon it for an entire week, but I still had a whole lot of time off to try to get things a little more organized in my life. I started late last week by getting all of the laundry and cleaning out of the way so that I could focus on more important projects like organization. Philip and I went through our clothes, art & craft supplies, books, and knick knacks and took the stuff we no longer use to Goodwill today. In return, the thrift gods smiled down on me and brought me the lampshade I have been searching for since last April. Also, a trip to Goodwill always includes a stop by Pop's which is two doors down. We didn't find any records today, but I did get a warm applejack hat that I love. After Pop's, we went across the street to my favorite antique market, Feather Your Nest. It always takes some digging to find the good stuff in my price range, but I ended up leaving with a vintage apron, a 1950's framed print, 2 art glass bowls, some vintage fabric, a bag of 1960's mod buttons, and a little something special for Sarabeth that I cannot disclose. As with any thrifty day we ate lunch at Gumbo Ya-ya's which was fabulous as always.

We also went searching for the vegan Tom Yum soup paste that we bought somewhere when we first moved here, but that didn't end so well. I have a hunch that we got it at Vishal, the Indian market in Chevy Chase. They have a small section of other Asian foods and they were sold out of most of the curry and soup pastes, but since the shelves weren't labeled we couldn't tell what they usually have. We will check them again in a couple of weeks.

With the rest of my free time this week I have been trying to use up some of my overwhelming stash of craft supplies by making little things I can sell in the store. I made tie cuffs with the remainder of my tie stash, a wallet with some old craft felt, and a headband with some leftover Christmas yarn. My new goal is to take the leftover yarn from every project and try to find a way to use it up. So far I have made two hats and a headband with the yarn leftover from my Christmas projects.

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