Another finished hat

So far so good. I am only two days in, but I am making progress on all of my UFO's. Well, all except the Chinese Charm bag which is temporarily missing in action, but as soon as I find it I will finish it. Yesterday, I finished the brimmed tam which is for the same person as the hat I finished two days ago. Chelsea bought a pattern for these two hats that she wanted me to use, but there were mistakes in the pattern and I really didn't like the way the brim on the hat was formed so I ended up rewriting it. The pattern was a helpful guide for forming my first brim and it was worth the $5 for the tips, but I definitely won't be using it again.

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Noneofyourbusiness. said...

I've been getting into crochet lately too. I'm working on a purse right now and I feel like a traitor because I think I have about 10 UFO's sitting around in my basket. *groan* Maybe we should start a support group.