New books and finished projects

Thursday, I came home to a surprise from the lovely Sarah. It was a package from Amazon containing Cat Bordhi's book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I have been pining over this books for quite sometime now. Not only does it contain instructions for doing socks on circs, but also toe-up socks. I hope this book is the motivation I need to start the toe-up socks I have been putting of for over a month now. My goal for the year was to have socks on the needles at all times until I work down my sock yarn stash that I have been unknowingly accumulating. I finished my first pair, but have yet to sit down and cast-on for pair number two.

Yesterday, after a long day at the shop, I came home to yet another surprise from Sarah- the Color in Spinning book. I have been wanting this book for such a long time, but I have never seen it in real life. I knew that it was a good guide on dyeing for spinning, but until yesterday I had no idea how comprehensive this book is. It covers everything from subtle to drastic color changes, the effects of plying on color changes, various dyeing techniques and comprehensive spinning instruction. A lot of the book is dedicated to color theory and the author uses lots of pictures to help you understand what happens when you combine color A and color B. I can already tell that this is going to be my primary source for spinning a dying information. Speaking of spinning, I learned to Navajo ply yesterday and I am completely obsessed with it. The yarn comes out round and fluffy and I love that it doesn't require more than two bobbins. Why didn't someone tell me about this method sooner?

In project finishing news, I have finished knitting the skull bag and the front of the Bamboo Ballerina. I also started two other projects even though I said only one per week; I have no discipline. Both projects were small- a crochet visor and the apple protector from Knitorama and both projects are complete so they aren't contributing to my UFO count. I did the apple protector in the round instead of flat since the seams on such a small item were too bulky for my taste. Anyway, this was a fun little project to mix things up.

My sweater is coming along nicely. I am keeping it slow and steady, but it is the one project that I seem to keep up with. Since I can't wear the sweater until next fall or winter there is little stress to finish it right away, but I love the yarn and needles I am using so the pleasure of knitting it is what keeps me going. Has anyone knit anything with the Soysilk Pure from SWTC? I keep fondling this yarn and I really want to find a project for it. I am thinking that I would like to make a sweater or cardigan with it, but I am really not sure. Any suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

So glad you like the books! :) The last little package should be there tomorrow. Then, I have more to send, but it will come randomly when you least expect it. :D

Love the apple protector. I might give that a shot today if I can work up my knitting motivation. Its been on my must knit list from that book since I got it.

Anonymous said...

I just got Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, too!

You should check out this pattern for toe-up socks: http://www.wiseneedle.com/patternpage.asp?pattern=knitpatfire
It's the pattern I used for learning socks... in fact, I don't even know how to knit cuff-down :/ I love that pattern and it's easy to customize.

Holly said...

Deb Menz's Color in Spinning is like my bible. I've read some sections of it over and over just to help inspire me when dying and carding eve though it's not supposed to be inspirational. Well, except for those pictures at the end.

I'm lending it to my LYS owner today actually.