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Secret Pal 11 Questionaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I am going through a cotton phase and my current favorite cotton is Blue Sky organic and dyed cottons. I also love handdyed and handspun yarns. I would love something that is unique to your area of the world.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
In baskets, in bags, on tables, in drawers- pretty much all over my house. I would love to have a better storage option, but I am a bit lazy in that department.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I learned to knit in college from a book. I always classify myself as intermediate, but at this point the only thing that scares me is steeking so I might actually be advanced.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
I have an Amazon wishlist here.

5. What's your favorite scent?
I like Nag Champa and other muskier scents. I have recently become overly sensitive to fruity scents so I really don’t like those.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
I do have a sweet tooth, but not really for candy. I don’t like chocolate very much, but other than that everything is fair game.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
I got a spinning wheel for Christmas so yes, I do spin. I also like to sew, crochet, and repair old furniture.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I don’t know why I have so much trouble with this question, but I always struggle to find a concise answer. Right now I am listening to a lot of 1960’s French, German, and Indian pop. I love the yé-yé girl scene.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
My favorite color changes daily, but I can tell you that I prefer richer, more saturated colors. I hate any color that is created by blending pink and yellow (i.e. peach, salmon.) Right now I am really loving turquoise, brown, and pink.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I am married and live with the coolest doggie in the world.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
Yes, well not ponchos.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
Hats and silly things that have no use. I am really getting into amigurumi crochet.

13. What are you knitting right now?
A soy turtle, a chevron scarf, an amigurumi frog, and a pair of socks.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
Yes, please!!!

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
It depends on what I am knitting. I love my Addi and Brittany needles the most, but I am not above using some cheap aluminum needles. I don’t like plastic needles (except for my Denise kit) and I hate bamboo needles (I much prefer hardwood.) For crochet, I only like those cheap Susan Bates aluminum hooks.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
Both and they rock!!

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
I hate this question because it makes me realize how many unfinished projects I have in my life. Let’s just say old.

18. What is your favorite holiday?

19. Is there anything that you collect?
Tiki, vintage cookbooks (1950-1969,) pin-ups, and old craft books.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
I don’t have any knitting magazine subscriptions. I have yet to find a magazine that doesn’t have dud issues so I just buy what I like when they come out. Saying that, I am pretty impressed with KnitScene and if I was going to subscribe to a magazine it would be Interweave. I love crafting and knitting zines.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
I would like to learn Irish Cottage Knitting, but have yet to find a resource. I would also like to improve my lace skills so i can learn to make my own lace patterns. I also want to learn to do hairpin lace, preferably with one of these.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?

23. When is your birthday?
January 19

24. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what's your ID?
Yes, and my username is spingirl.

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