Surprise in my closet

For years I used the same small green knitting bag, but last summer I decided that the bag was too small for me so I switched off to another bag. Since then I have changed knitting bags several times and I am still looking for the perfect bag. Anyway, the small green bag has been sitting at the bottom of my closet for just over a year and I stumbled across it this morning. Inside I found a long forgotten WIP- the garterlac dishcloth.

The project was sitting on stitch holders and about 2/3 complete. I put the original needles back in and I am taking it with me to snb tonight to try and finish it up.

In other project news, I have been crocheting a bit lately. I have been wanting to do some amiurumi so I started with this super simple pattern for little chickadees. These four little guys are made from straps of three different yarns which is why there is a bit of a size difference. The pattern is quick and easy. I weighted the bottoms with dried beans to make them sit up more easily and I modified the beaks a bit, but other than that I stuck to the pattern.

I am now trying to make an amigurumi octopus. I found a few patterns online, but I wanted mine to be shaped a bit different so I am writing my own pattern. I plan to make her a partner if this one comes out the way I want.


Anonymous said...

I've got that same dishcloth sitting in one of my knitting bags, waiting for me to come back!

Yer chickies are so freaking cute! I wish my skills went both ways. My mom can crochet anything she sees, yet hates teaching people. Argh! >_<

Anyways, I can't wait to see your octopus, and more of your crochet work!!

robiewankenobie said...

you must teach me to make chickees stat. it is the lawr.

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job on the birds- They're so cute!