Cotton addiction and my SP

Hi, my name is Robyn and I am addicted to kitchen cotton. It started as a quiet hobby, I would buy kitchen cotton and crochet it into a hat or tam which I would then immediately sell. There was no stashing in those days; the cotton came in and the cotton went out. Then, I started knitting and the kitchen cottons weren't doing it for me. I started moving into more exotic fibers and my kitchen cottons started to form a little pile at the bottom of my stash.

Then, in the spring of 2006 I bought a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting which revived my love for kitchen cottons. I started using the cottons in my stash to knit dishcloths and baby kimonos. Suddenly, people started giving me balls of kitchen cotton to add to my stash which was growing faster than I could knit it. Today I have about eight pounds of kitchen cotton and of that I bought about 8oz. My problem is that I can't stop accepting the balls of cotton yarn, I always think to myself "I can use that to make something useful" and I just can't turn them down. I also can't seem to purge them from my stash so the only way to get rid of them is to knit them into something useful. I started knitting ball band dishcloths last week and now I have 10 complete and plan on doing another 10 in the next week. Some of these will be given as gifts and some will move into my kitchen towel drawer to be used for general kitchen stuff (wiping counters, potholders, napkins, etc.) A few of the uglier ones might go under the bathroom sink for cleaning in there since I am trying to phase out disposable sponges.

I also received my first Secret Pal package which has to be some sort of record. The box was stuffed with pink tissue paper and the whole package seemed to have a pink and tiki theme. My pal sent a tiki pitcher, plate and coaster set, some tropical napkins and butterfly stirrers for the bar, two yards of super cute pink fabric, some beaded trims, and a stained glass window hanging. She also included a postcard from Boston which I can only assume is a clue. This was truly a great package, thank you secret pal!!


Mistrmi said...

There is something very plain, very unpretentious, about cotton, isn't there?

Terrific SP package!

Unknown said...

I too am a kitchen cotton junkie. At first it was just one or two dishclothes. But, as time went on the urge turned into a compulsion and I have many many clothes and lots and lots of cotton yarn. (sigh)