Let's talk about food

It's Friday again so I am throwing out another green living tip.

This week: Buy Locally

Our food choices have more effect on this planet than anything else we do so by supporting small sustainable farmers and buying food that doesn't travel thousands of miles to your plate you are greatly reducing your ecological footprint. There are two really simple ways to do this which won't cost you a fortune. First, check out your local farmer's market. The produce is ofter cheaper than the grocery store and definately fresher, plus you can talk to the people who grow your food. The farmers at the market know first hand how the food was grown and can give you tips and tricks for preparing it. Another great way to support your local farmers is to find a farm you like and buy a CSA share. CSA stands for community supported agriculture and essentially you are buying a share of a farm for a year which supports the farmers. You will get a weekly or bi-weekly box of produce throughout the summer and into the fall. If the farm does well, you will receive plentiful boxes of produce, but if they do poorly you will get smaller, less diverse baskets. No matter what, you make your community stronger by supporting a struggling small farmer.

Great resources:
100 mile diet- Great site about Eating locally
Local Harvest- Directory of CSA's throughout the country

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