Less than a week until yarn school!!

Only five more days until we set out for Yarn School!!

Anyone not on Ravelry- There are a bunch of us meeting at the Jose Cuervo bar in the airport for a drink or three before the shuttle picks us up.

I have been trying to hold back since we will be dying and carding fiber there, but I couldn't resist dying a little of my new fiber. This is the Caribbean-inspired colorway that I dyed on Sunday. Fall was approaching a little too fast for my taste and I was in a summery mood so this was just the ticket. Plus, the next day the weather took a turn for the warmer so I am convinced that my dye pot and I had something to do with it.

I also made up these little orifice threaders to trade at Yarn School. I originally bought the wire to make handles for the tin lanterns that used to hang off my balcony. The wire came in a 100' coil and I used about 8' for the lanterns and the rest has been sitting my studio for about four years so it is nice to finally use some of it up.

I have been working on one more top secret project for Yarn School, but that is all I can say on that matter. I will post details and picks when I return from Harveyville.


Bubblesknits said...

Would you be interested in selling one of those? They look lovely and I'm still using the little short one that came with my wheel. It tends to make my blood pressure rise when I use it, so I'm thinking it's time for a new one. LOL

Zabet said...

Damn your colorway! It's 90 frickin' degrees outside!!!


Janis said...

Whoa, the colorway is gorgeous! The orifice hooks are really cute too. :) Wish I was going to Yarn School with you guys!

L. Marie said...

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for recommending that bamboo soft, I love it! Now I just need to find more things to make out of it...