Flash your stash

Shelby, the leader of my secret pal 11 group, is having a flash your stash contest. She announced it right when I started my stash reorganizations so I was really pushing it to meet her deadline.

I got this little shelf from Zabet when she moved and it fit perfectly in my studio so I cleaned it off and started loading it up with yarn. This is all of my yarn that is not currently involved in a project or on it's way to Goodwill or the women's shelter. The top shelf contains sock yarns, hand dyes, some hand spun, and some misc. worsted. The bottom shelf is kitchen cottons, discount yarns and base yarns for dyeing. I have a ball winder clamped to the top of the shelf and I thing that I am going to use the rest of the space for some sort of notion organization.

This summer I hit a neighborhood garage sale in the Meadowthorpe neighborhood one Saturday before heading to the shop. I made a few scores at the various sales, but my favorite was this 1960's coffee set that contained 7 cups, a sugar bowl and a creamer. Last Sunday, Philip and I headed over to the co-op for brunch and I saw a tea pot that matched my coffee set exactly. I have never been one for teapots, I generally just brew the tea in a cup, but this shiney orange pot was enough to change my ways. Now I just need to get some loose tea.


robiewankenobie said...

oh, man. the orange tea set has me swoony. or swooney. or filled with swoon!

vania said...

I love that orange set too - what amazing colour and style! Good score!

Zabet said...

I will armwrestle you for the coffee set. It's AWESOME!!

And your stash is so cute and twee!

CraftyCarole said...

Love orange and the tea set is amazing.... great find!