Five scarves

Since I don't want to post any of my Christmas knitting, I thought that I would post an interim project. I made these five vegan scarves for my boss to give as a gift. They are on their way to India to keep the vets who provide free treatment for the working bullocks, donkeys and horses nice and warm through the winter months.

I made these scarves on a circular knitting machine, but did all of the finishing by hand. It took a little time to figure out the best way to finish the scarves and in the end I went with the three needle bind off which really helps the scarf to lay nice and flat. Another trick I learned with the tubular scarves is to run an invisible stitch up each side. In the end, each scarf took me about three hours which was way longer than I expected, but still faster than hand knitting. I have a little bit of the yarn left so I am going to use the machine to make kids hats to use up all of the extras.

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