Kicking off the new year

So far my new year is off to a strong start. Yesterday I had the day off work and I didn't work all day; I didn't even turn on my work computer (gasp!!) Philip had to work during the day so I used the time to make my resolutions and start doing some stuff around the house. I cleaned out my closet and managed to get rid of quite a few things, some of which I haven't seen since we moved here. I really wanted to do some laundry, but our washing machine is broken. Hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow so that I can wash our clothes and start purging my unwanted clothing. I feel pretty good about getting rid of the stuff that I don't need, the more stuff I add to the Goodwill pile the more I want to add. Tomorrow night I am going to take a few things to the electronic recycling station on the way to an appointment. Our recycling bin is completely full so I am trying to slow down the purge until they empty the bin on Friday.

After my day (well couple of hours) of purging, Philip came home and we vegged in front of the TV for about an hour while watching the snow start to fall last night. Then we went out to meet my mom, grandpa, sister and brother-in-law for our last family Christmas. When we got outside the snow really started falling and the wind started gushing. The restaurant we were supposed to meet at was closed so we ended up at Moe's. Honestly I think Moe's was a better choice. It was practically empty due to the fact that school is out and the roads were getting icy and we got a nice big table and had a really good time. The highlight for me was when Philip shot silly string at my grandpa. After dinner, Philip and I went home and just hung out reading and playing video games until bed. It was pretty much a perfect day.

Today there is snow outside which normally puts me in a bad mood, but not today. I am just really enjoying the lovely white. The world slows down in the south when it snows so I am just enjoying the ride. Tomorrow I will try to post about something knitting related.

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L. Marie said...

You know, I'm thinking that I should just go ahead and knit both of them haha!