Back to reality

For the last week Philip and I have been dog and house sitting for his parents while they visited his brother in Oregon. At first we thought that we would just bring Vinnie (their dog) over to our place for the week and check in on the house periodically, but then Philip's mom made us a week's worth of food so we couldn't resist a week with no cooking. It was great!! Not only did we have all of our food ready for us, we had cable tv, wi-fi, and a nice big backyard for the doggies to play in. We brought over the Wii and played Guitar Hero with the surround sound. We even bought a second guitar and had a GH night with a bunch of friends on Sunday. Even though we were still working it totally felt like a vacation, and a much needed one at that. Last night we loaded up our stuff and came back to our apartment. It was a little sad, but we put the new bedspread (thanks to Sqecial's 36% anniversary sale) on the bed and just read for a few hours with the doggies. It was a nice end to a nice vacation. We are planning another pseudo vacation in April, this time actually taking time off from work. More on that to come.

Tonight we are having a German feast including Tofurky brats, sour kraut, and some beer. I was trying to come up with an appropriate film for the event, but if I can't think of anything by the end of the day we will probably watch one of the movies from Green Cine that we haven't seen yet.

In store news, we are getting all new windows for the store. So far they replaced six of the large windows and you can already tell the difference. Our old windows are single pane, some with cracks and holes so you can guess where a lot of the heat and the AC goes. Some days in the winter you can actually see the heat escaping the windows. Our new windows are double pane and since they aren't painted shut and have screens we can open them on Spring and Fall days to enjoy the fresh air. There are 16 windows total so we still have 10 of the old windows, but hopefully they will all be replaced within the next month or so. The other big store news is that we are finally getting a new sign for the front. When we bought the original sign, we didn't really know what we were doing or who to talk to. We ended up going with the only sign place willing to come out and look at our sign to tell us what we needed. Several hundred dollars later we had a sign that was just a vinyl sticker over the light plate and only really visible at certain times of the day. We knew the sign was bad, but we were on a very tight opening budget and there was no way we could shell out for another sign. After our one-year anniversary Sarah talked to another business owner who told us where to get the good signs. Since then she has been trying to get them to come out and look at our sign so we can get an estimate. Long story short they just finished the art and they are coming to take the measurements in the next few days. Hopefully we will have new sign by the end of the month!!!


Janis said...

Awesome about the windows and the sign! Also, your little vacation sounds nice. :) *hugs*

Noneofyourbusiness. said...

Oh I miss coming in the store so much! I'll hopefully be coming up to visit sometime this summer. :)

Glad your pseudo-vacay was fun and helped you de-stress a bit. Take care!