Boba Tea Tuesday

Today when I was looking through the cabinets for something beyond soup that I could make for lunch I ran across a bubble tea kit that I bought a million years ago. I found the kit which contains vegan bubble tea mixes at Jungle Jim's a little while ago, but since they stopped selling the kits and the mixes I have been trying to conserve what I had. Today, however, was definately a bubble tea day so I mixed up a strawberry tea and I used the rainbow tapioca pearls to make a Springtime treat. It was delicious and really fun to drink out of the provided cup and straw.

Just in case you are wondering, I did eat a real lunch. I ended up making a baba ganoush sandwich with tomatoes and onions. I made a big batch of baba ganoush on Sunday to put on sandwiches all week. I used this recipe which was super easy and turned out great. I am going to try and keep a fresh batch of hummus or baba ganoush in the refrigerator at all time through the warm months since they are so easy to make and provide a healthier snack than some of the things we tend to eat when we are too lazy to prepare something.

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