I officially have a case of startitis!! I have so many projects on the needles at this point that I am constantly pulling needles out of old projects to use in new projects. This is really bad since I have a lot of needles. I am too scared to actually count all of my unfinished items so instead I am challenging myself to finish them. Here is the way it works, for every three projects I finish (this means finish, block, and add to Ravelry) I can start one new one. Sound simple? Well, so far it feels like torture, but I did finish two old projects this week so it appears to be working.

The first is the Hempathy scarf that I started sometime last summer. I actually only had to knit 3 pattern repeats, graft it and block it so it was a pretty quick finish. The scarf used two balls of Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy (one for each half) and I used all of the yarn. The pattern is available free at ReBelle and it is a super easy lace pattern for someone who has never knitted lace and super quick for the lace pro.

The second project is another Dream Swatch Head Wrap (my first one can be found here.) I knitted this out of some leftover sock yarn last August, but I never got around to blocking it. Friday night I found it in my knitting basket and I decided to go ahead and block it. It was dry and ready to go by Saturday morning so I wove in the ends and wore it out (please excuse my frizzy hair, there was no time for the straightening iron yesterday morning and the anti-frizz goop doesn't do much for me.)


robiewankenobie said...

mebbie i could get away with that headband...hrm.

Robyn Wade said...

You totally could. Head scarves are way easier to pull off than those chunky calorimetry-style headbands. Plus, if it doesn't work out you can always use it as a scarf. Again I am sorry about Quant, but I think that you would have hated it when you finished the knitting and tried it on.