Top Secret Knitting- Revealed

The current issue of the Anticraft is up and the theme is bacon. I have been cringing since I first heard the theme several months ago so as a protest to slaughter of innocent piggies I designed a vegan bacon scarf which I call a Vegan Wrapped in Bacon (insert Homer Simpson groan here.) I love the idea of double knitting color work patterns to create a reversible fabric with a negative image on the back, I just never found anything that motivated me enough to do it. Double knitting is perfect for scarves since there is no right and wrong side and your carries stay nice and hidden in between the layers. I designed the scarf so that it is a 50 row repeat with approximately the same amount of red and white on each side so neither side is dominant. The scarf is knit with Blue Sky organically grown cotton on US7 needles.

Also, in case you didn't notice, the cover art for the issue was done by Philip.


KitteeBee said...

tell it! (the scarf is lovely too).


me said...

This is pretty awesome! I know so many people who say they could be vegan if it weren't for bacon. lol.