Fresh produce on a stormy day

Since Philip and I didn't get our CSA this year (re: I put the check in an unstamped envelope and left it on the dinning room table for two months and by the time I had a stamp the CSA was full) we are going to use our CSA money to buy $20 a week of produce at the farmers' market through the summer and the fall. Today I made the first early morning trip and while I didn't find the fiddleheads that I really wanted, I did make out with a pretty decent selection of produce. I got a large head of organic lettuce, a pound of mustard greens, 2 tomatoes, a basket of ripe peaches (for ice cream,) two large zucchini (for zucchini burgers,) 3 candy onions, half a pound of oyster mushrooms, a few unidentified mushrooms, and a pound and a half of green beans. Now I have a bit of cooking to do.

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L. Marie said...

Oh that looks tasty! I never make it out to the farmer's market because we have a huge garden out at our farm where we get all our fresh veggies. If we have a bunch of extras this year I'll definitely pass some veggie goodness on to you though.