Yummy vegan sausages

A few weeks ago I discovered the Everyday Dish site where Julie Hasson has an online cooking show and recipes. I have been watching the videos a few at a time and I love them. I am a very visual person and while I can get an idea of the final product from a written recipe, I am more inspired by pictures and video. I have been in a major cooking mode for the past several weeks which has been good for our bellies and for our bank account. I have been trying some new recipes out of the cookbooks I already have and some things I found on the Web. My favorite new recipe is the vegan sausage recipe from Everyday Dish which can be made ahead of time and then thrown into whatever you are cooking. These sausages are also perfect for the grill since they don't dry out like their commercially made counterparts. To show you how quick and simple they are to make I am including the YouTube video in this post. Enjoy!


robiewankenobie said...

you can customize them all to hell, too. mild. spicy. nuggets. next time i'm making them with beer.

Robyn Wade said...

You have to tell me how the beer ones come out. Philip really wants to try them out, but I told him that we are waiting to see how yours come out so we can steal the recipe. I am going to try chorizo style next since we love using the soyrizo in enchiladas.

Zabet said...

Ooh, awesome! P will love these!