We're all moved in!!

We finished moving everything out of our apartment yesterday. We ended up hiring a college student to come in and clean the old place which was the best idea ever. The only thing worse than cleaning our own apartment is cleaning a place that we aren't even going to live in anymore. The girl we used did an amazing job, way better than we would ever do, plus she was really excited to have a little extra income. It was definately a win-win situation.

This is the first move where I didn't unpack everything in the first night. We have one room which is completely box-free and we are slowly working our way through the others. This is my last day off work and I am procrastinating by watching a silly musical starring Neil Patrick Harris, oh well.

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Pirata said...

So. Jealous. Of. The. Orange. :) I'm not allowed to change the paint at the duplex.