Hey, Teach!

Finally, here is my Hey, Teach! cardigan. This is a sample from the shop so I just made the small size. I knitted the pieces fairly quickly (something like 3-4 days,) but like most projects, I procrastinated on the blocking and finishing so those two steps ended up adding a week and a half to my project time. I have to admit, after working on the heavy hemlock ring it was really nice to have a lightweight cotton project on my lap.

I did make one small change to the pattern and that was in the edging. Instead of knitting the edging with US8 needles like the pattern suggested, I decided to go down to a US6 to give the garment a bit more structure and help prevent some of the drooping created by heavy cotton fabrics.

I highly recommend this pattern, especially after seeing it on several body types on Ravelry. It is a fairly simple pattern and the lace work is easy. I might knit another one for myself before next Spring.

The big question remains: Will I ever block the Hemlock Ring afghan? Stay tuned for the answer.

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