Weekend wrap-up

I haven't posted in a week so I guess it is time I put something up. This weekend was one of those weekends with so much stuff going on that we had to turn down invitations. Friday night was game night where we had a bunch of friends over to play Rock Band and make characters. Back track, did I mention that Rock Band 2 came in the mail on Friday? We got it all set up, imported the tracks from the first game and spent the night unlocking the tracks on the second game.

Saturday I had to work in the morning so I headed out while Philip ran some errands to help make the day go smoother. In the afternoon, Philip came by the store all dressed up to go to the Chris Squared wedding at the Bell House. I changed into more appropriate attire and we were on our way. Funny thing about Philip, he hates dressing up so when I got into the car he showed me the two polo shirts he brought to change into for the reception and asked which one I preferred. I picked the blue one and he agreed. Then, he decided that if the blue shirt is good enough for the reception, it should be good enough for the wedding while he pulled off his button-up shirt and his undershirt and changed into the blue polo in the parking lot of the store. Meanwhile, I was sitting there laughing because even though I never argued or questioned his decision to change he kept defending it even going so far as to say "You are not my mother." At the reception I was recounting the story to Zabet and Philip chimed in "Yeah when it comes to dressing up I revert to my four-year-old self."

Another funny story from the wedding. SB and Leon brought the kids along to the ceremony. Leon wore a kilt and was swinging C, their youngest around. C kept trying to swing between Leon's legs and Leon kept fighting him off. Long story short, C ended up swinging between his legs after which he proclaims "Daddy I saw your booty" and runs away. Now we all know that Leon stuck with tradition.

The wedding itself was lovely. The ceremony was out in front of the Bell House and lasted under ten minutes. It was the perfect length of a ceremony, beautiful and too short to start getting bored. Both of the Chrises looked amazing and incredibly happy (much different than the stressed out looks we've been seeing all week.) We stayed for the reception and I had half a plate of asparagus and hummus and some of the Baklava that Chris made. After the reception we made plans with Zabet and Patrick to meet back at our place later on for more sweet Rock Band action. The rest of the evening consisted of porch beers and Rock Band and a little visiting with the tired Chrises.

Sunday was my hoop class at Third Street stuff while Philip sat and drank coffee. After the class, I joined him and knit for awhile. Then we went home where we were pretty lazy for the rest of the day. Philip customized characters in Rock Band and I went thru some old party CD's from college (side note to Nieves- Holy crap we make awesome mixes, seven years later and they still make me dance!!) We ended the evening with some Kwachik takeout from Asian Wind, yummy.

The next week is going to be pretty busy between me wrapping up my day job and the new Fall merchandise coming into the store everyday. We have already received two of the new yarn lines we will be carrying and we are expecting 1-2 more this week. We also got a huge shipment of fair trade winter wear last week. I also have four commissioned jobs I am working on right now that all need to be done by the end of this month. Next weekend we are going on a trip out of town so thus continues the September madness. I am looking forward to the downtime that October will bring.


Janis said...

Aw, yay! Glad they had a good wedding. :) And so far Rock Band 2 is awesome! I recreated my two characters from the first one and want to make a few more.

Samara said...

I've been thinking that I need to buy an X-box and rockband. We are needing something to do up here in Alaska when the weather starts getting bad.

snowowl said...

Oh, man! I laughed so hard thinking about Philip defending himself.

And YES! Those CD's are rad! I have them at work and they always make the day SOOOOOO much more fun! Instant dance party!