My first week

Today ends my first week of self-employment and on a scale of 1-10 I would give it about a 4. Leaving my job seemed to shut down a few of my vital brain functions; I spent the first three days of this week running around doing things completely nonsequentially and getting frustrated when they didn't work out. Thursday was the day everything finally snapped back in place and I was able to accomplish amazing things. Friday was mine and Philip's first day off together which we were both really excited about, but then I woke up feeling really sick and thus killing the day. Philip was super sweet and he ran out to get me juice and medicine to make me feel better. I ended up sleeping almost all day while he played Rock Band. I finally woke up around 4pm feeeling really snuggly with Philip spooning me and I was starting to feel better. I had a sinus headache so my biggest problem was the light sensitivity and that had diminished. We decided to eat a fancy dinner and watch a movie and that would be our big day. Today I feel great and surely with all of the extra sleep I got yesterday my body should be completely caught up. I am going to take a shower, do the dishes, and then head out to the Farmers' Market to pick up a few things and then off to the store for what could be the slowest weekend in a while. (Note to anyone coming to ReBelle today: the city is capping all of the meters on Limestone today for tomorrow's closure, but they assured us that there will be no towing or ticketing until tomorrow.) Tonight is probably going to be a slow night at home with the boy since we both work tomorrow. I think that I am going to roast up an acorn squash and grill some tofu so I might have a Vegan MoFo entry tomorrow.

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