Christmas List

Even though it is not even December yet there have been a lot of requests between mine and Philip's families for Christmas ideas. Here is what I came up with in addition to my Amazon wishlist and my wishlist at ReBelle. Additionally, everything on last years' list minus the handcards and the skein winder still apply. As usual, new or used is fine and I would prefer you buy me smaller gifts from local merchants than larger gifts from chain stores and online retailers.

Steamer- There is a two layered steaming pan by the checkout at Yu-yu Asian market that I have wanted for months. It is around $30 and looks like the one in this video (and can be seen in the background of the still shot.) Right now I use a steaming basket that is far too small for my needs.

Queen sized heated mattress pad- If you want to get something for Philip and I to share, this is the gift. We keep talking about it and it sounds like pure heaven.

Ride passes for LexTran- Not really fun, but since I ride the bus regularly this would be a super practical gift. A 20 ride card is $15 and it never expires.

Share of the Good Foods Co-op- All or part of a co-op share would be an awesome gift.

Gift card to Lasting Legacy- No I am not taking up the hobby that I find most vile, but I do want some stamps and that is the only locally-owned place I can think to get them. Gift cards ranging from $5-25 would be perfect.

Anything handmade- I love it when people make gifts for me so if you want to avoid the shopping madness you can always stay at home and make me something pretty.

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