More snow

This has been a crazy morning. I woke up to Philip's cold hands letting me know that was cold and snowy outside. I tried to warm him up a bit before he headed out to face the great wintry unknown. Then, I went back to sleep for about an hour until Astrid let me know that she was ready to go on her walk. I decided that the weather warranted my warm winter coat so I pulled it out from inside the bed and I put it on with all of my fabulously warm hand knitted accessories. On the way out of the house, I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a $10 bill that I must have let in there last winter (probably from the sled day last Spring.) Ten dollars richer, Astrid and I proceeded on our walk. Astrid has mixed feelings about the snow, sometimes she does her business and heads back inside and other times she hops around and explores like a little child. Today was the latter so we ended up going on two walks so that she could get the maximum amount of snow fun in before I left her to her daily napping duties.

Kentuckians aren't equipped to deal with a lot of ice and snow so in general when there is a snowfall a lot of government and city services shut down or go on alternate plans. Lextran was one of those services. Evidently, if your bus stop doesn't have a snowflake the bus won't pick you up. There is no list that I could find of the stops with snowflakes so I just headed to my stop and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, my stop did not have a snowflake so I had to trek to the next stop. Luckily the bus was a little late so I made it there in plenty of time. I also discovered that the stop I get of at by the shop doesn't have a snowflake either, but the driver was super nice and let me off there anyway. Now I am at the shop, which is completely dead and I am playing contraband Christmas music while I work on Christmas presents.


diyod said...

Dade was in one of his "OMG SNOW!!!! Playtime!!!" moods this morning too.

Unfortunately my workplace isn't dead, since we work with the fire departments...but I did bring my share of Christmas gift knitting to keep me warm and busy during the slow times.

Stay warm and cozy!

robiewankenobie said...

Sledding today was da bomb! The snow was good and packed when we got there with a titch of frozen rain on top. The hill was fast as heck.

Robyn Wade said...

I spoke too soon about the slow day at the shop. The first hour was dead, but after that we were busy busy busy. So much for a productive Christmas knitting day. I finished one project and added another along with a finishing commission due before Christmas. Yikes!!