Just in time for the warm weather

The weather is supposed to start warming up tomorrow so naturally I decided to finish up my chunky cable mittens yesterday.

The pattern is the Bella's Mittens from the Subliminal Rabbit blog. I was really happy with this pattern, it was well written and easy to follow. I had to go down two needle sizes to get gauge (actually I should have gone down just one size, but my US7 dpns are bamboo and I hate bamboo knitting needles so I opted for my US6 birch needles instead.) I also added an extra cable repeat to the hand to make room for my ridiculously long fingers; I have to add an extra inch to any mitten patten I try. I am not a Twilight fan (I didn't really like the books and I didn't see the movie,) but I love these mittens. They are made so that they go up your arm almost to your elbows which makes them the perfect companion to my bell-sleeved coat.

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