After years of talking about it, I finally set up a vermicompost bin in my house. I love worms and the idea of living with a few thousand of them in my basement makes me so giddy I can hardly stand it. Anyway, here are the pics of my wormy adventures today. Thanks to Raellyn for sharing her worms with me and helping me set up my bin.

Here is a closeup of my worms. They need some time to settle into their bedding so right now they are all huddled together in the middle of the bin under the paper. Having this many worms in one place totally freaked Philip out, it was kinda funny.

This is what the bin looks like in its finished state. I made the bedding out of shredded phone book pages, rings from toilet paper tubes, and some soil.

Tomorrow I get to start adding my food scraps to the pile which will really get things going. I am keeping the bin in the basement since it stays cool and dark year-round.


Unknown said...

you know, i am really glad that i have the space for an old fashioned composting set-up, because i would not be able to handle that. but sweet that you're doing it; it seems really cool. i hope they do well!

punchy said...

i wanna hear them eat. munch munch